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About Us

Andrea Haagard and her siblings were all cloth diapered in the early 80's, during a time when disposable paper diapers were fast becoming the norm. Her forward-thinking mother took a natural approach to motherhood, believing that cloth diapering was simple, safe, affordable, and gentle enough for baby's sensitive skin.

After cloth diapering her own child, Andrea's desire to be a work-from-home-mom and entrepreneur led her to organize Lil' Green Bums, with a focus on providing a convenient cloth diaper service for conscientious parents who also value eco-friendly practices that positively impact their community and the planet. 

Originally, Green Lil' Bums began with only two employees, delivering cloth diapers to their first client in 2012. Today, GLB employs 10 times that many people, now offering a cloth diaper boutique at 210 Penny Ave in  East Dundee, IL, where they provide cloth diapering classes, guest speakers, special events, and workshops. GLB is passionate about sharing its environmentally-friendly method of caring for baby's essential needs, while devivering exceptional customer service and unprecedented product quality.