Tekhni Woven Wraps
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Tekhni Woven Wraps

At Tekhni, I have made the pledge to create wraparound slings from the finest resources, finished by hand in Grayslake, Illinois.  Only natural yarns are used in my wraps-- cottons, linens, silks, wools and more-- chosen for beauty and comfort. Everything is finished lovingly by Tekhni's local seamstresses. 


I am a small, woman-owned business based out of the Chicagoland area of the United States.  As an experienced babywearer and an active member of BWI Chicagoland, I am committed to local education and resources. Tekhni is a proudly home-grown company. 


Tekhni sourced mills are some of the best in the world, producing a variety of fine textiles for a wide number of markets and applications, including Tekhni woven slings. These chosen mills have been carefully selected to meet the needs and desires of our customers.


Tekhni is a proud member of the BCIA, committed to the sling industy and helping educate consumers on best-wearing practices.


It's my passion to have natural and safe slings available to all caregivers worldwide.
I am excited to bring Tekhni wovens into your home and into your everyday life.


We offer five sizes in our standard line to accomodate a full range of body types and

carry options.


Size 3-  3.2m

Size 4-  3.7m

Size 5-  4.2m

Size 6-  4.7m

Size 7-  5.2m


Choosing a wrap length depends on the size of the wearer, size of the wrappee and 

the type of carry.  Shorter wraps are best for single layer carries such as rebozos and

rucksacks.  Longer wraps are best for multi-layered carries such as the wrap cross carry

and double hammock


Base size for an average wearer is size 6-- it allows enough length to do a standard

wrap cross carry and other multi-layered carries.


A size 7 has extra length for larger wearers/wrappees and more complicated finishes.


A size 4 is good for standard rucksack tied in front (RTIF).


A size 3 can be used for rebozo or a rucksack tied under bum (RUB).


A size 5 is versatile enough for a front cross carry (FCC) or a secure high back carry (SHBC).