Mother-ease Air Flow TRIM Covers
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Mother-ease Air Flow TRIM Covers

Air Flow Trim

Our Air Flow Trim Covers have all the unique qualities as our Air Flow cover, with a TRIM new fit and adjustable rise setting!

The Air Flow Trim cover is to be used with the Sandy's™ Trim Fit diapers to create a highly breathable, leakproof diapering system.

The Air Flow Trim is a lightweight, breathable waterproof diaper cover designed for our new Sandy’s Trim fitted diapering system.
- Available in 2 adjustable sizes: Small (7-20 lbs) and Large (20-35 lbs) to match our Sandy’s Trim perfectly!
- Adjustable Waist and Leg snap settings for a secure, tamper-proof fit – keeping curious babies out!
- Adjustable Rise settings - to grow with your child
- Fully breathable – gap between side snap closures vents air to regulate temperature inside the cover