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Product Description

EASY TO USE: Convenient one-handed fastening, no apparel damaging Velcro, doubles as a nursing reminder clip.

BREASTFEED IN COMFORT: LatchPal is a breastfeeding clip that holds up a mother’s shirt so she can be hands-free, nurse comfortably,  and pump in comfort.

BREASTFEED IN STYLE: Don’t sacrifice your style because you’re breastfeeding, make any shirt nursing friendly. It secures shirts through all seasons.

ON THE GO MOM: Have a clear view of your baby when you’re breastfeeding in public. LatchPal works wonders for a mom using a nursing cover.  LatchPal is small enough to fit in your pocket or keep it on your collar.

MUST HAVE BABY GIFT: It makes nursing easier and is perfect for any at-home or working mom.

  • Be hands-free, nurse comfortably, and maximize milk flow
  • Achieve a clear view of baby & breast to achieve successful  latching & feeding.
  • It’s  perfect for pumping to keep shirts stain-free!
  • This breastfeeding shirt holder only requires one hand to attach and latch!
  • This nursing clip is small, discrete, and is perfect for any breastfeeding starter kit