Pink Lemonade Minky Top Reusable Cloth Pad

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Pink Lemonade Minky Top Reusable Cloth Pad


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Why choose reusable cloth pads?  Not only are cloth pads extremely comfortable, they come in a variety of fabrics, styles, shapes and sizes.  Cloth pads are absorbent, will save you loads of money over the cost of disposable feminine products, are better for the environment and most importantly they're non-toxic.  From pads for girls to pads for postpartum, Pink Lemonade has the best selection of cloth menstrual pads on the web.  

These pantyliners and pads
 feature a soft minky top in a multitude of patterns. They are backed with Water Resistant Windpro Fleece and feature an absorbent core made of bamboo fleece. 
All of Pink Lemonade pads and pantyliners have tab style wings and are fastened with a quality poly-resin snap.  

Minky is our top selling fabric option - and for good reason! It's super soft and stain resistant. Minky is also a great wicking fabric, meaning it pulls the moisture through the top of the pad, into the absorbent core and away from you.

7.5 inch Pantyliners Every Day Freshness
8 inch Light Pads Teens/Tweens or petite women who prefer a smaller pad
Menstrual Cup backup
Light flow days
9 inch Day Pad Light to Moderate Flow
Teens or Tweens
10 inch Heavy Pad Moderate to Heavy Flow
11 inch Overnight Pad Heavy to Overnight Flow
12 inch Ultimate Overnight Pad Heavy to Overnight Flow
Post Partum
3 inches wide through the center when snapped
13 inch Post Partum Pad Overnight Flow
Post Partum 
3 inches wide through the center and flared at the ends for maximum protection

Cloth Pads are super easy to care for!

~ Rinse in cold water after use.
~ Toss in your laundry basket or wetbag until washing day.
~ Wash and tumble dry in Warm or Cool temperature water and dry cycle.

Please avoid:
~ Bleach
~ Vinegar
~ Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener
~ Ironing
~ The ‘Sanitize Cycle’ on your washing machine, if it has one.