Country Save Detergent 50lb Bag
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Country Save Detergent 50lb Bag


Many people wonder what really makes our laundry detergent better and, most importantly, how can we put such a small scoop in the box and expect people to use just one scoop... or less, depending on the application. It comes down to this: There are no hidden ingredients but there is a special way in which the ingredients are mixed together to create a formula that dissolves completely, cleans your clothes to your expectation level and then rinses completely out of your clothes to leave no residue that can be irritating for many, many reasons. (Who wants to wear laundry soap?)

Another way to appreciate why we pack more punch in a small scoop is to understand what bulk density is and how it differs from brand to brand. Since Tide™ is the #1 clothes detergent brand in the USA, let's compare with them. Tide's bulk density is about 37 lbs per cubic foot. We are 74 lbs per cubic foot. We don't package air, we don't use filler ingredients and there is a whole raft of other stuff that Tide has in it that we don't... including a scoop that is 3 times the size of our scoop...

You can expect 80 High Efficiency (HE) loads from a 5 lbs. box or 160 HE loads from a 10 lbs. box of Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent. We believe that we offer one of the best high efficiency detergents available; it is great for washing cloth diaperseco-friendly, and dye & scent free. When you see your Cost Per Wash you will understand why Country Save washing detergent is the BEST VALUE for you and your family!


HE Detergent Info

Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent has specifically been formulated to be compatible in HE / Front Load Washing Machines. As many of you know, the new HE washer machines may also be top load. Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent is a low-suds formula designed to work in any HE environment.

It is also good to remember just what "HE" means. It is the shortened form of "High Efficiency" and it pertains specifically to the amount of water the washing machine uses. In most cases, speaking generally, it means that only 25-50% of the water used in a standard top-load washer is used in an HE machine. That explains why you only need a 1/2 scoop of Country Save in an HE machine... or at least you can start there and go up or down depending on your specific needs.

Cloth Diapers

Cotton Diapers and Country Save Powdered Detergent go together like Mom & Apple Pie! We have been recognized in hundreds of blog sites as being the product that most Moms love for washing cloth diapers and baby clothes while getting the results they want....and all for the same reasons they like it for grown-up clothes; no residue, no fragrance, fresh smell and clean!

For Best Results

Put Country Save Laundry Detergent in washer first. Begin filling with water before adding clothes.

Cold Water Washing Tip

First dissolve Country Save Laundry Detergent in a small amount of warm water.

Hard Water Washing Tip

Use 50% more Country Save Laundry Detergent than directed. The amount may vary depending on your water hardness. Using warmer water may also help.

  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Made with Biodegradable Surfactants
  • Phosphate Free
  • No optical brighteners
  • Hypo-Allergenic. Gentle On Sensitive Skin!
  • Ultra-concentrated - actually get 40 scoops of detergent out of a 40 wash box!
  • Septic Tank Safe
  • High Efficiency washing machine detergent
  • Perfect for cloth diapers
  • Gluten free; no coconut-derived ingredients
  • An EPA/Safer Choice Product.

The Safer Choice Label
Means that Every Ingredient
in the Product has been
Reviewed by EPA Scientists

U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program