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Teething Jewelry

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Kids Teething Sensory Jewelry

Pacifier Clips


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Chompy Babywearing Teething Accessory


Chompy Chic Crochet with Wood


Chompy Chic Flat Ovals with Wood


Chompy Chic Hexagon Silicone with Wood


Chompy Chic Paci Clip


Chompy Chic Tear Drop Necklace


Chompy Chic Wood Ring with Silicone Necklace


Chompy Silicone Pendant Kids Sensory Necklace


Kids Sensory Small Ring Necklace


Kids Silicone Sensory Foot Pendant Necklace


Kids Silicone Star Sensory Necklace


Lemon Vines Amber and Aromatherapy (dark cherry unpolished)


Punkin Butt Teething Oil Glass Bottle