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LILLEbaby Tummy Pad


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The fantastic LÍLLÉbaby Tummy Pad adds both style and comfort when carrying baby on your back. The Tummy Pad easily slides on to your LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE, Essentials, or CarryOn waist belt to increase comfort and create a smooth and stylish line - no more webbing digging in on your front or sides! For pregnant babywearers, the Tummy Pad supplies much needed padding and additional support. Available in two colors to coordinate with your carrier webbing, and in three sizes for a customized fit, it's the perfect accessory for carrying your little one on your back with style!

Sizing Info:

If you have a LILLEbaby carrier already, you can help determine the size tummy pad to purchase by placing your carrier around your waist like you would for a back carry and measure how much webbing is showing. Between 8-13", you would need a small, between 14-17" a size medium, and anything more than 18", a large would be recommended.

If you do not currently own a LILLEbaby, you could cut a string that is 27” long and put it around your waist where you’d wear a carrier. Measure the area that the string doesn’t cover If it is between 8 and 14 inches you would need a small, between 14 and 19” you would need a medium, more than 19” you would need a large.

The size small is almost the exact same size as the widest point on a LILLEbaby lumbar support. When in doubt, size down as a size small fits everybody!